We Will Bury You

by Short Changed

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Produced by Jef Leppard @ Lennon Studios
Mastered By Brad Boatwright @ Audioseige


released June 19, 2012

Hekka Bekka Tru Punx- Vokills
Tony Paranoia- Battery
Julio- Moo



all rights reserved


Short Changed Oakland, California

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Track Name: Negative Outburst
Mostly when I see you
You have nothing but complaints
I respect your opinion
But your being annoying
Everything offends you
No matter how trite it is
Being overtly sensitive
Even when there's no harm done

I can't stand your negative outbursts
Every day it's the same
I can't stand your negative outbursts
Your driving me insane

Have you ever been content
With who or where your at
You always seem displeased
With everyone you meet
Get of your pedestal
This act is getting boring
I wish you'd talk to me
Like a normal human being
Track Name: Hooked On Cash
Quit panhandling got a job
Still a drunk ass pot head slob
10 minutes late everyday
E.B.T. covers the shitty pay

This is what you have to do
Fuck the system through and through
This is how you have to act
Fuck the system, fuck all that

Hooked on Cash

Got a landlord he got paid
Don't deal drugs to avoid a raid
Screaming and gunshots every night
Smoke some dope when I don't feel right
Track Name: Death Before Dirt Weed
Just waking up I roll outta bed
Kinda hunger gotta ringing in my head
Wanna get faded but pretty low on cash
Want a quarter of kind and 2 grams of hash

Death, Death before dirtweed (4x)

When I was young I wasn't so picky
Now I prefer it purple and sticky
Eat ramen for a month and be just fine
Cause bowl after bowl you'll never get high

Death, Death before dirtweed (4x [again])

Going to shows and wanting to share
Shit's not the best but my friends don't care
But at the end of the night good bud's what I need
I'll change dealers before smoking dirtweed

Death, Death before dirtweed (4x [how original])
Track Name: How I Met Your Death
I wanna throat punch Bill O'Reiley
I wanna beat up Rachel Rey
I wanna shut up Conan O'Brien
It shouldn't have to be this way

Chorus #1
T.V. fucking sucks
Reality shows I can'tt relate
Your life will waste away
A Slave to the idiot box

I wanna punch Jerry Springer
I wanna blow up MTV
I wanna beat up Charlie Sheen
I wanna face that bitch Snooky

Chorus #2
T.V. fucking sucks
Reality shows I can't relate
Your life will waste away
A Slave to the idiot box
Track Name: The Crutch
I remember the day
You crashed into the tree
It left you in
Pain and agony
You found a way
To feel correct
Let it all go
To simply disconnect
Swallow the oval
Day after day
Feeling reality
Slowly slip away
Your life's in turmoil
Becoming problematic
You have become
A pain killer addict

2, 3, 5, 10
Milligrams and dollar signs in your head
Popping pills day and night
Do anything just to try to feel right
20, 40, 60, 100
Don't try to tell me that you can control it
Snorting got boring so now you shoot it
Do any fucking thing just to avoid a fit

You cant take responsibility
For losing control
Having no remorse
For the things that you stole
Strung out and broke
You sold my record player
Your high was gone
Four hours later
Had everyone worried
When you nodded off in the car
After you post bail
Your back at the bar
Vics weren't enough
For you anymore
Moved down the spiral
Booting a fix that you scored


Getting high in the bathroom
At your NA meeting
The intervention didn't help
You ended up oding
Not a pretty picture
Almost dead on a slab
Off to Wisconsin
Back to rehab
Track Name: Fuck You, Fight Me
Grab me a game slap it on
Pokemon Yellow or Donkey Kong
Feeling antisocial cause people suck
I'll play all night long I don't give fuck

I like Sonic but Mario is better
Nintendo vs Sega as if it matters
Wii's made for girls, it makes me sick
Plug in any system so I can get my fix

Columns is good Dr. Mario is better
Nintendo vs Sega as if it matters
Wii's made for girls, it makes me sick
Plug in any system so I can get my fixx

Drinking a Jolt, playing Metroid
Castlevania then Arkanoid
Pause long enough to hit the bong
This is how I roll all night long

I like sonic but mario is better
Nintendo vs sega as if it matters
Wii's made for girls, it makes me sick
Plug in any system so i can get my fixx

columns is good dr. mario is better
nintendo vs sega as if it matters
wii's made for girls, it makes me sick
plug in any system so i can get my fixx
Track Name: Punx With an Ex
I'm a fucking tru punk
So make no mistake
I do what i want and it feels fucking great
Having fun and breaking rules
Is what we like to do
Starting fucking circle pits
With all of your crew.

We Are The Tru Punx!

I'm a fucking tru punk
I've got no complaints
I live my own life
Don't go to shows late
Drinking black coffee
Singing Husker Du,
Toxic Narcotic and
Duck and cover too.
Track Name: Fast-Core
As we play this song
I have a few questions
Why don't you kids rage?
Let the beast outta the cage!

Turn up the frash!
Turn up the frunch!
The bay doesn't pit anymore,
Get off your ass
Get in the pit stop look so fucking bored.

You'd pit for warkrime
Same goes for ecoli
Guess we're just not that hip
Enough for you to circle pit

Is this cause you're not drunk
Is this cause we're tru! punx
Whatever we're just play more
Chaotic neutral fast core!
Track Name: Krang
Questions are all I have left
Was I conditioned from day one
Should I just sign up
Wave my flag and buy a gun?

What are you?
Fodders for their cause

What are they?
Predators with bared claws

When I see your flag
All I see is disgust
You use economic slavery
Your tactics are so unjust
Track Name: Oxygen 22
My disdain for you began
With you getting fired
Being broke all the time
Turned you into a thief & liar
Borrowed 2 months rent
With your word to pay it back
Debt became a way of life
Burning bridges so damn fast

I want to wrap my hands around your neck
I want to see you struggle for oxygen

Eat my food bounced 3 checks
Didn't pay the phone bill at all
Stealing my spazz lp
Should have been my wake up call
You stole from me you lying fuck
Seven thousand fifty cash
Your very lucky you left town
Cause it's your face I'd fucking smash
Track Name: Pray For S.I.D.S.
I wish all your kids had S.I.D.S.

Screaming and crying
Gets so fucking old
I wish all your kids had S.I.D.S.
Babies pushing up daises
So mom can be twice as lazy

I wish all your kids had S.I.D.S.

Babies pushing up daises
So mom can be twice as lazy
I wish all your kids had S.I.D.S.
Then they'd be fucking dead
Track Name: Vanrkey
I have a nasty craving
That just wont go away
I want it and need it
Every goddamn day
I work hard at my job
Daydreaming about tour
A month in that van
Is what I live for
Saving all my money
Because I need to leave
I miss all the venues
and places to eat
I miss all my friends
On the road, that are chill
They take care of us
From Portland to Gainesville

Take us away
Get us the fuck out
Of the east bay

We cant delay
Need a vacation
Why not today

Sometimes it gets rough
And we drive all fucking night
Or have to cancel a few shows
Because of a spider bite
Blowing tires While in Reno
Ohio and Bismarck
Should have beat up the Scarred
While we were in New York
Avoiding fights and drama
Not knowing where to go
Ending up in tiny spots
With a sound system that blow
In the back of the van
On a 17 hour drive
Watching movies &
Comix keeping us alive

Chaos will ensue
Our will be consumed
Track Name: The Unpopular Opinion
In the way back when
In the long time ago
The Bay Area was the shit
But now I just don't know
Kids only go to shows just to complain
Till all the bands all sound the same
The bands all kiss ass then backstab you
For better shows
Who needs talent if you have a brown nose
Vlv and Face barf
Are ruining our scene
Talking shit behind a computer screen

Kids theses days don't even try
Their scene sucks and they wonder why
Things have gotten lame to me
everyone mimics Tragedy

Gilman and Lookout
Helped build our scene
Cometbus & Eggplant
Provided us with zines
Jake Kelly put together
Shows that seemed right
The bills were so diverse
Making them awesome nights
Something is missing
The kids have lost their way
Worshipping bands of the past
Ignoring the bands of today
The Unity in community
Just isn't the same
So expand your horizons
And stop being so lame